Faculty Spotlight

The future of education starts now


“One of my most important responsibilities as dean is overseeing the next generation of faculty. These individuals are the leaders and changemakers that we need today, tomorrow and into the future to further our mission to transform inequitable systems of education.” —Dean Mia Tuan

During the last several years, the UW College of Education has welcomed a wave of brilliant, driven faculty members who are dedicated to advancing educational justice and racial equity through their work at the College and in the community. These additions build on the incredible legacy of transformative impact begun decades ago by scholars like Professors Emeriti James A. Banks, celebrated as the “father of multicultural education,” Geneva Gay, Ken Sirotnik, John Bransford and Ken Zeichner. While their research and focus areas span across disciplines, our new faculty share a vision for the future of education that is more equitable, more just and more loving for all students.

"I want children to be in schools where they feel loved, feel seen, where they belong and they can holistically be themselves."

Dana Nickson assistant professor, Education Foundations, Leadership & Policy

"I really strive to create a space in the classroom that challenges students to look deeply within and recognize the ways that they think and feel."

Edmundo Aguilar assistant teaching professor, Learning Sciences & Human Development

"In my classroom, I want to foster the critical quantitative skills that move us towards data literacy. We are going to need more of those skills as we move into the future."

Oscar Olvera Astivia assistant professor, Measurement & Statistics

"I’m committed to seeing a world and a future of education that is more humanizing and just, and I want us all to take collective action to make sure that every child feels safe at school."

Jamie Cho assistant teaching professor, Learning Sciences & Human Development

"It’s kind of a cliché to say that the American higher education system is in crisis, but the future of it is up for grabs and we can intervene in it in ways that make educational research a rigorous and enlightening endeavor."

Tomas de Rezende Rocha assistant professor, Education Foundations, Leadership& Policy

"I want to see Black, Indigenous and other Communities of Color healthy, whole and thriving. I really center personal and community care in my teaching and in my research."

Shaneé Washington assistant professor, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

"I would love to see the future of research broaden what ‘counts’ as research. I don’t think we can talk about access and inclusion without making sure that our work is accessible to wider audiences."

Lakeya Omogun assistant professor, Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

Every student does not learn in the same way, and it’s our job to figure out ways to make sure all students are getting a quality education that they need to succeed in our public school systems.”

Stacey Hardin assistant dean for Teacher Education Programs